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Our Professional Cleaning Services

At Swift Cleaning Company we offer a full service custom cleaning package that will leave your Vacation home or business setting looking clean and professional. We design a custom step by step plan built to your exact cleaning needs because no one is the exact same. We ensure that nothing is overlooked, and every detail is accounted for leaving your house our business amazingly clean. All cleaning jobs are managed and cleaned with a owner onsite ensuring a consistent reliable clean.  We service Southern Maine and parts of Southern New Hampshire.

Residential Cleaning Services

A highly detailed service

Cleaning is a vital part of maintaining any busy household. At Swift Cleaning we offer many different cleaning options to provide a plan that fits all needs and budgets. Our highly trained cleaning team is dedicated to delivering a consistent, detail driven cleaning service while maintaining the upmost customer service. Please call, text or email to set up a free quote today.

Commerical Cleaning Services

Commerical and Industrial

At Swift Cleaning we offer a full service cleaning package that will leave your business setting clean and professional. We follow a step by step plan to ensure that no items are overlooked and every detail is accounted for.  We strive to provide an immaculately clean working environment for you and your employees that promotes both productivity and cleanliness. 

New Construction Cleaning

efficient, detailed service

Our new construction cleaning service is a step by step cleaning plan designed to tidy after the very messy construction process. Our affordable price and 100% satisfaction guarantee combine to make our new construction cleaning service the best in Southern Maine. Call today for a free quote or we can charge a per square foot standard price

Vacation Rental/ AirBnB Cleaning

detailed Cleaning

Messy rental? No problem. Just give us a call and we will have your property clean in no time. Both you and your guests will be impressed. We provide custom cleaning services to cater to any specifications with regards to a cleaning rental. Call, Email, or Text for a free quote.

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