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Giving Back to the Maine Community

Providing Free Professional Cleaning Services for Families in Need

Do you have a friend or family member going through a tough time?


Let us know! We all understand that life is not easy, there are times that life gets you down and you need a helping hand to get back on your feet. Getting back on your feet, or simply getting thought a rough patch in life can take all of your time and energy. Cleaning should not be something that you spend your time on. Swift Cleaning Company wants to be the helping hand to those in need we offer professional cleaning services to those in need. Swift Cleaning is invested into the Maine Community and would like to help you or a friend out get though the rough chapter of life.


Every month Swift Cleaning Company does a free cleaning service for a family or person in the community that could really use the help. Or someone who could simply use a professional house cleaning service to come in and tidy up their house. If you know of anyone down on their luck, or someone who puts everyone first before themselves and is in need themselves please let us know. We feel honored to be able to help in just this small way. It is amazing how much a clean house can help.


How to recommend a family:

Call us, email, or post on our Facebook page to recommend a family or friend.

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